Stardew Valley’s Pelican Town has a total of two shops. There is Pierre’s General Store and, of course, the misery pit that is JojaMart. Pierre’s has everything you need to become a successful farmer, but what if you want to set work aside for a moment and just treat yourself? The Garden Village Shops mod will help you do just that.

The Garden Village Shops mod created by Tarniyar adds six new shops to Stardew Valley, which include a florist, diner, bakery, clothier, artisanry, and machine shop. Each comes with a friendly shopkeeper and an array of modded items and recipes that you can’t buy in Pelican town. A few of my favourite purchases have been chamomile seeds, parsley seeds and shortbread cookies. You can even buy Absinthe if you really want to let loose.

Garden Village is a completely new district that you can get to by taking the bus. It’s great how the mod fits seamlessly into the game—the shopkeepers, interiors, and purchasable items all feel like they belong in the Stardew Valley world. Tarniyar explains in the mod’s description that future updates will add more items and other customers, and make shopkeepers into NPCs. 

If you want to download the Garden Village mod, there’s a step-by-step outline in the mod’s description. If you’re after other fantastic mods check out our best Stardew Valley mods list. My favourites are the Stardew Valley Expanded mod, the Stray Cat Cafe mod that adds a cosy cafe run by twins, and a mod that swaps out combat for cuddles.

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