The 2013 Shadow Warrior reboot was a smart do-over of an average (and kinda racist) mid-’90s shooter, while Shadow Warrior 2 did some interesting things with a bigger, more open-world design. Shadow Warrior 3, revealed earlier this month, looks set to return to the more linear style of the first game: An extended gameplay trailer released today showcases the “Way to Motoko,” an apparently early-game area that reveals some of Lo Wang’s new weapons, new moves, and friendly interactions with a new partner.

Wang looks a little older this time around, but his way with words and not-entirely-sophisticated view of the world seems as solid as ever. The katana combat looks pleasantly visceral—it’s been awhile, but I don’t recall the slicing-and-dicing in the previous games being quite so well-defined—and the addition of the grappling hook promises a bit of Bulletstorm-style yank-and-kick, which I think would make for an outstanding addition to the game. (I really like Bulletstorm too.)

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