Two of my favorite angry-person-with-a-sword games have come together in Sekiro Zero, a mod that adds Katana Zero’s slowdown ability and instant sword attacks to Sekiro’s excellent sword combat system. It even comes with some flashy neon effects as a nod to Katana Zero’s pop-cyberpunk aesthetic. This is one of the better Sekiro mods I’ve seen in a minute. 

If you’re unfamiliar with how Katana Zero’s slowdown works, don’t sweat it (but do go play it, at least for the tunes). It articulates a lot like Max Payne’s bullet time ability. You get a limited time to slow the action down to a crawl in order to plan the next second or so of action in which you need to jump, slide, slice, and dodge with absolute precision, or die. The slowdown ability is a stylish way to fine tune that path. 

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