A few minutes into an extended gameplay video for Bionicle: Quest for Mata Nui, the narrator casually mentions that this fanmade open world RPG will support up to six players in co-op. It’s the kind of impossibly ambitious fan project that sounds like it would never actually get made or released, but Quest for Mata Nui looks quite far along already, with nimble combat, NPCs with quests, and a bunch of different environments. Barring a takedown order from Lego, this one might live long enough to be finished.

Despite being a big Lego kid, I never owned a Bionicle set. But it was a big deal for Lego back in the early 2000s, introducing a story and mythology to Lego toys and eventually spawning films, games, novels, the works. The series has mostly been dormant since a failed 2015 reboot, but Bionicle is apparently the kind of series that develops a fierce fan following, as Quest for Mata Nui (and the trailer’s 120,000 views in less than a day) show.

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