Capcom’s Resident Evil series is going through a major second wave of popularity lately, mostly on the back of the excellent Resident Evil 2 remake and the lesser, but still fun, Resident Evil 3 remake. The operative word here is remake, because these, indeed, are reinterpretations of old games that once graced the PC. Bizarrely, the classic versions of those games don’t have modern PC ports. So it’s not really a surprise that Capcom’s Dino Crisis, a survival horror series made in the mold of the older Resident Evil games, hasn’t gotten the remake treatment or even modern PC ports, either.

Dino Crisis was ported to PC way back in 2000, but that old version is just stagnating on dusty disks somewhere, with no way to download the games or easily get them running. Let us shoot the dinosaurs, Capcom. 

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