Aliens: Eradication, created by Kontra_Kommando, gives classic Doom an Aliens makeover. But it’s more than just Doom with xenomorph sprites, adding character classes and even new systems, including deployable auto-turrets. If you ever played PlayStation shooter Alien Trilogy you’ll notice that this conversion has borrowed a few of its enemies and weapons.

The classes, and how they change the way the game plays, are the most intriguing thing here. As a colonist you can recruit and command any fellow colonists you encounter, although you are particularly vulnerable to surprise facehugger attacks. Even in pixel form they’re still terrifying.

(Image credit: Kontra_Kommando)

The mercenary, meanwhile, is heavily armed and battle-hardened, similar to the Marines from the movie. I do like how the creator of the mod resisted the urge to make a Colonial Marine one of the classes, because as much as I love ’em, we’ve played as those guys in a dozen other games already.

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