SnowRunner launched with mod support, and we already got a handful of absurd mods like the one where you drive around a giant octopus or whatever this undulating billion-legged horror is.  Now that the game has been out for a few weeks we’re really starting to see the more serious, really good stuff show up for this off-road driving simulator. You know, filthy old off-roading trucks for all your filthy old off-roading needs. For example, there’s a crucially important mod that adds personal favorite pickup the 1983 Ford Ranger for you to tool around in. You can check out SnowRunner’s official mod support over at

Further spotlight mods include one that adds the Tesla Cybertruck. Large truck enthusiasts will also like a mod that adds a bunch of nice upgrades for the Pacific P16, like saddle adjustments and a larger fuel tank. I like the delightfully retro-styled Icebox 1700 truck. I’d also recommend the Kraz Chaborz as a rescue vehicle.

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