Have you missed one of the biggest roguelike crazes of the past decade? Are you stuck with a bunch of time inside for some reason? Here’s a bundle of indies totaling up to about $160 for a measly $20, or to be precise, $19.96. Put together by Binding of Isaac developer Edmund McMillen and a bunch of his friends, this is a superb bargain on some good games. There’s a lot of variety here, from platformers and roguelikes to party games for Remote Play Together. The bundle is called this because it is also a good excuse to socially distance yourself from others because there’s a scary virus, etc. Anyways, video games.

 Here’s what’s in it: 

  •  The Binding of Isaac and all of its DLC. A modern classic. 
  •  The Legend of Bum-Bo, the newest game from the creator of The Binding of Isaac, which retails for 75% of the cost of this entire bundle. 
  •  The End Is Nigh is a stylish, cool platformer. 
  •  The Basement Collection is not something I can describe in the space I have here. 
  •  Closure is an arty platformer from 2012. 
  •  Bombernauts is an action-driven bombing game. 
  •  Crystal Crisis is a competitive action puzzler. 
  •  Blade Strangers is an anime-inspired fighting game, which normally retails for twice the cost of this entire bundle. 

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