The latest Overwatch developer update has a bit more of a casual look to it than we usually see, because it comes to us from a corner of Jeff Kaplan’s house, apparently recorded on a phone taped to a box. Despite the junktech setup, the recording quality is perfectly fine (Kaplan looks a little rougher around the edges than usual, but who among us does not these days), and the update delivers some welcome news about changes coming to the Overwatch communications wheel.

Kaplan kicks off by noting that a very common request from Overwatch players is the ability to customize the communication wheel to enable the ability to deliver specific orders, or say things like “sorry” or “goodbye.” So Blizzard is going to do just that, by adding a series of new lines for the communications wheel and an option in the settings that will let players set them up however they like. Even better, all of the new lines have been voice recorded for all 32 heroes, so every no matter how you set up your wheel, you’ll hear the lines properly spoken.

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