June 17, 2024


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The Last Monster lets you defend against monsters or destroy helicopters in mid-air, coming soon to iOS and Android


Lightroad Studios has announced an upcoming tower defense-slash-action game titled The Last Monster, letting players fight to the death either in a helicopter or as a ferocious monster. The free-to-play title features quick battles that last anywhere from two to five minutes, and you’ll have to defend against two other players or play as the monster trying to take down the helicopter base in record time.

The Last Monster also features battle royale elements in that players taking on the role of a monster will have to destroy the helicopter “base” before a fatal gas emission restricts the playable area and results in their demise. There will be various weapons in your arsenal as the helicopter, while at the same time, monster players can also have fun with the variety of moves they can unleash (such as roaring, boosting, and yes, even pooping).

We met in 2017 with the one and only idea to build a game development studio and to develop multiplayer games with unique creative ideas. The first project is TLM whose idea came from movies like Cloverfield, Godzilla, District 9 and etc.,” says Lightroad Studios about the initial concept for the game. “The first prototype of TLM was single-player story-oriented game with the handheld camera experience.


The game also boasts gorgeous graphics and realistic designs as powered by Unreal Engine, plus different cosmetics players can purchase to spice up their gameplay experience. This includes helicopter and monster skins, emotes, different lobby music, monster roars, pilot fatalities, level backgrounds and more.

If you’re curious about The Last Monster, you can have a look at the trailer embedded above to get a feel of the visuals in store for you. There’s no official release date at the moment (with a target soft-launch in early 2023), but players can look forward to future updates such as a Monster Farm Management (Tamagotchi) mini-game, a new symmetrical component, a fully functional battle royale mode with more than 30 players and so much more.

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