I’m no longer excited about Adata’s foray into gaming PCs, which I was last December when the company announced its expansion into the category. My hope then was that Adata would bring its value-driven mindset into the space, starting with its recently announced XPG Xenia gaming laptops. They’ve now landed at retail, but at prices that make them far less interesting than I’d hoped.

To be fair, the pricing is not quite as bad as the launch video Adata released a couple of weeks ago. However, this is a crowded and highly competitive field Adata is stepping into. The timing of this launch also means Adata is contending with a new batch of aggressively priced gaming laptops built around AMD’s latest generation (Zen 2) Ryzen 4000 mobile series, like the Asus TUF Gaming A15. More on those in a moment.

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