Twitch is far and away the dominant force in the livestreaming market, but Chinese conglomerate Tencent may be getting ready to take a shot at the title. A Bloomberg report says the company has been “quietly testing” a mobile-focused livestreaming platform in the US since at least March, and it’s now preparing to launch a $30 million partnership program that will kick off in July.

Trovo is still in beta testing, and is very small potatoes compared to Twitch. The biggest game on the platform, Call of Duty Mobile, currently has just 2,600 followers, while the entire Valorant category has fewer than 200. The Trovo 500 partnership program aims to boost those numbers by offering increased financial incentives to 500 streamers across five different categories:

(Image credit: Trovo)

With the following participation criteria and incentives:

(Image credit: Trovo)

“We understand how difficult it is to rebuild on an entirely new platform and this is a burden we don’t want you to carry alone,” the partnership program announcement says. “Trovo strongly believes that monetization opportunities should be available to all streamers dedicated to making live streaming their career and we’re committed to helping support creators that support Trovo along the way!”

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