April 22, 2024


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Sunbreak Expansion Adds Switch Skill Swapping – Guide Fall


The last big move for Monster Hunter Rise was when it came out on PC in March of last year. However, we now know something new is finally in the works. A new trailer was recently released for Sunbreak, the game’s latest expansion, detailing all sorts of new content. It showcases new types of missions, new regions to explore, new monsters to fight, and new mechanics to master. And toward the latter, Switch Skill Swapping is prominently featured. To go with the overall faster feel of the game, this ability will allow players to assign two loadouts to whatever weapons they’re able. This will allow them to draw on two different sets of skills, which adds loads more depth to the gameplay.

Sunbreak Helps Round Out Monster Hunter Rise Combat

With the first big expansion of Sunbreak, the developers at Capcom are hoping to streamline Monster Hunter Rise even more. The inclusion of Switch Skill Swapping promises to speed things up and give players even more options in the field. Instead of just having one set of skills, players will have two sets. They will then be able to swap between the two sets of skills on the fly, much how like the Switch-Axe weapon works.

This will definitely come in handy as players attempt to hunt down the three new monsters as well as undertake a difficult quest to pursue a dangerous fourth monster. Prospective hunters will have until June to decide what skills they’ll want in their loadouts. For even more details, be sure to check out the video featured above.

It’s been over a year since Monster Hunter Rise was first released and since then, the game has been in a constant state of updating and patching. It’s the biggest entry in the series since Monster Hunter World, but still managed to introduce new content and mechanics. The most notable is the Silkbug, which lets players zip around the regions more easily and react faster in combat. Though this made the overall game faster, there were still elements that made it feel slow and limiting. Being able to outfit your weapons with skills and techniques you wanted gave a more custom feel to combat, but there are only so many slots and many skills on the menu.

Sunbreak is currently scheduled for release on June 30th for the Nintendo Switch and Steam.


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