Rochester Institute of Technology’s class of 2020 are having a bit of a weird graduation ceremony this year. Due to the lockdown, the college’s Electronic Gaming Society has decided to re-create the graduation ceremony in Minecraft. The in-game celebrations will come complete with stage, podium, chairs, and a custom graduation gown skin.

Graduating students will be announced by their usernames and be called to walk across the stage. The ceremony will be followed by a number of speeches from the graduating students. 

The ceremony all sounds pretty normal, but the society has even made an in-game version of RIT’s President to greet them as they walk across the stage. The President will be roleplayed by one of the society’s members and be represented by a Minecraft iron golem with a photo of the President on it’s face. The suit-wearing golem will then throw a diploma at the student as congratulations. 

(Image credit: Rochester Institute of Technology)

This is just one part of a bigger project that RIT’s Electronic Gaming Society has been working on. The society has been slowly building their college campus in Minecraft block-by-block. From the comparison video below, it looks like they’ve done an excellent job.

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