Nimbus Data launched its 100TB ExaDrive DC100 a little over two years ago and it remains the largest capacity solid state drive on the planet. It’s also the most expensive—while not revealed at the time, Nimbus Data has finally let the public in on pricing, and sure enough it’s expensive. As in, $40,000 kind of expensive (via TechRadar), which is a tick higher than the base price for a 2020 Lexus ES luxury sedan.

That works out to $0.40 per gigabyte, or higher if calculating the cost based on actual usable space. You lose around 7 percent of advertised storage in Windows due to over-provisioning (reserved space for various features and firmware updates) and how storage space is calculated. In binary, a kilobyte is 1,024 bytes, but driver makers use whole numbers to keep things neat and tidy… and more attractive to buyers.

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