June 17, 2024


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Steam Deck had an update fixing Steam Cloud conflicts, Steam Input improvements


With the Steam Deck now out in the wild, there’s a lot more people finding issues and so Valve are moving quickly to get as many quirks fixed as possible. A new system update rolled out late last night.

Here’s what the March 4 system update included:

Steam Cloud:

  • Fixed Steam Cloud file conflict created in some cases when the game’s Steam Cloud configuration has changed

Steam Input:

  • Added mouse as an input option for games that use the Steam Input API
  • Fixed a crash when no controller is attached
  • Updated layout of mouse bindings page in the controller configurator


  • Now switch to the correct friends tab when opening invites via a notification
  • Fixed a case where the same system update could be installed twice
  • Added an option to disable WiFi power management under Settings->Developer. Disabling this may improve connection reliability on 5GHz networks.
  • Fixed bug when opening the developer notes on Deck Verified info panel
  • Added additional information for when the keyboard theme cannot be changed

I’m currently dealing with a really confusing issue when it comes to charging my Deck, with a USB-C hub plugged in.

Have been chatting with Valve about it, done a number of tests and still very confused. If I or Valve manage to find what the actual problem is, I’ll probably write it up. Basically: sometimes with a USB-C hub plugged in, my Deck won’t charge or charges a tiny amount. However, at random, it will charge with that same USB-C hub plugged in. If it doesn’t, I can unplug the hub and plug it back in a few times until the Deck suddenly decides to charge. It’s very confusing and I’ve now seen it across two entirely different USB-C hubs (both highly rated with 100w pass-through) and two different chargers (official + more powerful 65w charger).

Article taken from GamingOnLinux.com.


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