One of the things that’s turned me off of space combat sims over the past couple of decades is the decline of the joystick. When PC gaming was new, joysticks were standard equipment, and not just for flight simulators—old Sierra adventure games supported joystick inputs too. But the advent of the FPS and RTS genres handed primacy to the mouse. It works well enough in games like Star Wars Battlefront, with simplified 6DOF flight models, but it’s really just not the same.

I was a little bit disappointed (but not surprised) when Electronic Arts revealed that Star Wars: Squadrons will be focused primarily on multiplayer: There will be a “singleplayer story,” but the trailer and game description on Origin both emphasize 5v5 battles almost exclusively. But my mood lifted when creative director Ian S. Frazier confirmed on Twitter that the game will have full support for proper control setups.

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