Hot-shot space jockeys will have eight starfighters at their fingertips when Star Wars: Squadrons goes live in October: Four Imperial and four Rebel, each one belonging to a different class. That in itself isn’t news, but today EA shared more about what each class can do, how pilots can get the most out of their machines, and how it’s going about recreating futuristic technology from a long time ago.

The old X-Wing and TIE Fighter games have power management systems that enable players to adjust the amount of energy going to weapons, engines, and in some cases, shields, which impacts your fighter’s performance accordingly: You can go faster, hit harder, or survive under fire longer, as the situation demands. Squadrons will offer a similar system, with an added bonus of “overcharging,” which will provide a significant bonus to damage output or shield strength—up to double—or an afterburner-like speed boost when the relevant system is maxed out.

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