I’m not going to say X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter is back—it’s too soon to say if Star Wars: Squadrons will be the grand return of Star Wars flight sims—but there are some promising details in the five-minute gameplay reveal video above. Star Wars: Squadrons is a five-on-five multiplayer dogfighting game, with singleplayer campaigns for both the Empire and New Republic (the game also uses the name “Rebels,” so the exact timing is unclear). It’s hard to tell, from the trailer, just how deep or “simmy” the flight model will be, but from the glimpses we catch of the cockpit, it looks more TIE Fighter, less Rogue Squadron.

The cockpit includes throttle, laser charge, power management for shields/weapons/engines, a radar field for tracking enemy ships, ammo counter for heavy weapons, hull integrity and front/rear shields. I compared the display to the old manual for Star Wars X-Wing, and it’s nearly identical. (Shields are absent in the Squadrons diagram, because the TIE Fighter doesn’t have any).

(Image credit: EA)

The trailer breaks down what we’ll be flying, and there are four ship classes with mostly familiar fighters in each:

  • Fighters: TIE Fighter (Empire), X-Wing (New Republic)
  • Interceptors: TIE Interceptor (Empire), A-Wing (New Republic) 
  • Support: TIE Reaper (Empire), U-Wing (New Republic)
  • Bomber: TIE Bomber (Empire), Y-Wing (New Republic)

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