May 20, 2024


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Sports Gaming News – MLB The Show 22, F1 22, NBA 2K22, FIFA 22


Every Sunday, we will get you caught up on the sports gaming news you might have missed, during the busy week. This includes featured articles from the staff and new trailers. This week it’s all about MLB The Show 22, FIFA 22, in-game updates for F1 22 and more.

Sports Gaming News

  • WWE 2K22 Patch 1.12 Adds More Playable MyRISE Characters, Moves For Signatures and Finishers & More – Patch Notes
  • Retro Bowl Update Tweaks Running Game, Adds More Stats, New Achievements – Patch Notes
  • Battle Royale Season 3 – Edmonds, Joe Morgan, J.R. Richard
  • WWE 2K22 Most Wanted Pack Available Today
  • Sunday Rivals Has Officially Launched on Steam – Adds Taunting, Gameplay Improvements, Music & More
  • Tennis Manager 2022 Available Today – Launch Trailer & Details
  • NBA 2K22 Patch 1.12 Available For PlayStation 4, Xbox One – Patch Notes
  • NBA 2K22 Season 7 Return of Heroes Details Revealed – Arrives on May 20
  • WRC Generations Announced – Trailer, Features, Release Date Revealed
  • Roller Champions Releases on May 25 – Free to Play
  • NBA 2K22 Patch 1.12 Available For PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S – Patch Notes
  • FIFA 22 Patch 11 Available on All Platforms – Patch Notes
  • F1 22 to Receive In-Game Updates to Spanish, Australian and Abu Dhabi Circuits
  • PGA Tour 2K21 & SnowRunner Available to Play Through the Weekend with Xbox Live Free Play Days
  • MotoGP 22 Update Adds Race Director Mode, New Liveries and More – Patch Notes
  • MLB Perfect Inning 2022 Adds Universal DH, Updated Postseason Format & More
  • EA Play Member Only May Rewards Available in Madden NFL 22, NHL 22, FIFA 22 & GRID Legends
  • MLB The Show 22 Patch #6 Available Today – Patch Notes
  • MLB The Show 22 Diamond Dynasty – Halladay and Friends Program Breakdown
  • Diamond Dynasty – Always Intense Pack, New Headliners, New Event

Operation Sports Featured Articles

Draft Day Sports UpdateThe court will now be presented in more of a three-quarter view with the arena stands visible and player models that include a whole body and complete uniforms. Even more exciting is that this new direction is only the beginning. Although what was shown during the presentation was extremely impressive, the developers made it known that this was just the start. They are welcoming all types of feedback in hopes of creating an even more immersive experience when it comes to watching the game play out in its entirety. The new presentation view will only be incorporated into the college and pro versions of their basketball simulations, but during the Twitch premiere they said they are looking into how this new view could work in both of their football franchises as well.

MLB The Show 22 Diamond Dynasty Single-Player ModesSome people might think that card-collecting modes typically cater more to the online crowd, but Diamond Dynasty in MLB The Show 22 has a handful of single-player modes for anyone who would prefer to avoid the online realm. These all take slightly different approaches to how you pit your skills against the CPU, and you’ll be able to collect plenty of rewards for devoting time to most of them. It’s safe to say though that there hasn’t been a whole lot of innovating in MLB The Show 22 when it comes to these single-player modes, and some of them could use a little more work than others to increase their value and have you enjoying them for even longer.

Let’s put these single-player modes within Diamond Dynasty under the microscope for closer scrutiny and see if we can figure out what’s working well and how they might be tweaked and expanded upon so that we may squeeze even more pleasure from them.

This Isn't Moonshot Event - All-Star Juan MarichalJuan Marichal has had some great cards during his Show run, but I’m not sure this one will end up qualifying. He has amazing stamina as usual, but I don’t know if you’ll want to keep him in all that long. The biggest perks for his cards are that he has great control, a unique delivery, and a somewhat unique pitch mix. The issue is the stuff isn’t dominating, and he doesn’t have great secondary attributes. That said, I think people who really think through their pitch selections/sequencing can have success with him.

Tennis Manager 2022 reviewTennis can be a lonely sport, especially when you’re thoroughly outclassed by an opponent and you know it from the very first serve. In the midst of a match where the result is practically a foregone conclusion, you’d rather be anywhere but on that court suffering through a humiliating defeat. Tennis Manager 2022, from French developer and publisher Rebound CG, offers the ability to relieve you of that burden. Instead, you become the support system by training them so that they can hopefully never feel that alone when they’re competing in any tournament. As the game shifts the focus to building an entire academy full of talent, the scope broadens to place less of an importance on every single point and more on investing in a winner that sees consistently solid results over the span of a player’s career. With that said, like any good tennis manager would, let’s jump into my Tennis Manager 2022 review so we can run this game through some exercises and drills to assess its strengths and weaknesses.

MLB The Show 22 biggest problemsEvery year, MLB The Show tries to take a step forward in one gameplay area or another. With more animations and potential outcomes every time the bat connects with the ball, it can be easy to miss all of the small but meaningful changes that you see during any given game if you’re someone who plays the new edition every year. It’s kind of in the same vein as how you don’t really see yourself slowly aging on a day-to-day basis because you look at yourself so regularly that any new wrinkles and blemishes are almost imperceptible. Despite these advancements, there’s always more to improve. This is why I’ve put together a list of the five worst gameplay issues plaguing MLB The Show 22 right now.

Some of these, like the game’s hitting engine that determines how user input will affect where the ball will go, are more glaring and obvious simply because of how consequential they are to every pitch. But there are also a few smaller and more trivial components of the game — some that are even specific to certain modes — that can create moments of disbelief by having events occur that fly in the face of all of that realism you see elsewhere.


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