(Image credit: Soldak Entertainment)

While Blizzard summons Diablo, Crate Entertainment ushers in its Grim Dawn, and Grinding Gear Games follows the Path of Exile, Soldak Entertainment has been, relatively quietly, soldering away on its ambitious, not enormously attractive action RPGs, including Din’s Legacy and Zombasite. But it’s Drox Operative—an action RPG with spaceships—that concerns us today, as the developer has just announced a sequel.

Cast a glance at Soldak’s previous games—say, by downloading a demo from the developer’s site—and you’ll notice the words “dynamic, evolving” cropping up frequently. That’s Soldak’s thing: action RPGs set in “dynamic, evolving” worlds, be they fantasy or spacey in nature. Zombasite, for example, features a greater-than-usual degree of randomisation, and a town-building element in its fantasy version of the zombie apocalypse.

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