Fresh out of its launch this week, Deep Rock Galactic is already lining up a slew of new material for the coming year. An announcement on Steam lays out the roadmap for the coming year in pretty good detail, starting with post-launch additions and focusing on an increased variety of environments and objectives. Over the remainder of the year the developers intend to add more geographic features, two new biomes, two new mission types, and three new secondary objectives. 

Deep Rock Galactic is as silly as it is fun, a four-player co-op shooter about drunken space marine dwarves gathering ore and blowing up swarms of slimy space bugs. (More of those in the planned Q4 update, by the way.) The game has been regularly updated throughout its early access life, as past news attests, and I’d be surprised to see Ghost Ship Games stop development any time before 2021. The current update objectives were actually sourced from the game’s community, to boot, with a recent post-game survey asking what kind of updates players wanted. It was, overwhelmingly, mission variety, which is what I wanted as well. Not that the game doesn’t actually already have a lot of variety.

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