The two most anticipated games for gamers at the moment are the Sony PS 5 and the Xbox series X. Hence, most people would be planning to get one of this and would be wondering if to get the Sony PS5 or the new Xbox. Even if you have the means and you are willing to get the two of them, you might be at a dilemma of which to get first. If you can buy both at the same time, you might be wondering which of the games you will play first. This article will compare the 2 products towards providing general guidance on which could be superior to the other.

When it comes to the raw power of both products, the Sony PS 5 lags behind the Xbox series X when it comes to GPU and CPU. The Sony PS 5, on the other hand, has an SSD that features very high speed. For first-party Sony PS5 developers, they would use the SSD’s full capacity, thereby, helping them to create better versions of games, without the fear of the game lagging due to slower hard disk drive. However, when it comes to other developers, majorly the third parties, they would prefer to use the lowest common denominator for both platforms so that they don’t go through the stress of creating their games twice. Thus, they will use the disk speed of Xbox that is slower and the graphical capabilities of PS 5, meaning there won’t be any much difference in graphics or performance between both products.

When it comes to the consoles, their hardware power is not significant considering that 10 tflops will adequately cater for ultra graphic 4k 60fps settings. Furthermore, the tflops do not represent the correct measurement for graphic power.

Majorly, what many people look out for is the features of the games they intend to get, they want to enjoy an affordable product with exclusives and great gaming experience. For instance, a major advantage the PS4 had over Xbox one when it was launched was the fact the PS4 was cheaper than the Xbox One. The comparison of some of the other features of ps5 and Xbox series x are discussed subsequently.

Virtual reality
When it comes to virtual reality and about Sony, they platform has a better virtual reality experience for its users. Hence, they are the winner over the Xbox in this feature.

Another vital factor when it comes to experiencing immersive gaming is the controller. Xbox did not make much change to their console as they only added another button on their controller. However, PS5 is carrying out several changes to its controller with some new features to include adaptive triggers and haptic feedback. If these new features are properly implemented on the controller and some of the patent Sony applied for are successful, then Sony will also easily be the winner with a better controller.

Another area Sony is likely to win is the audio department. Many people underrate the audio aspect of a game, but that does not in any way reduce the fact that the audio of a game can enhance the gaming experience. The importance of the audio is, however, understood by both companies. Hence, they are both focusing on it. For instance, while there is a tempest in the Sony console, there is a dedicated chip for audio in the Xbox. However, Sony is more elaborate about the use of their product. Thus, if they can achieve what they hope to do with the audio in their solar console, they will easily win the audio aspect.

Exclusives entail games that are only available on a particular console. Sony is easily the king when it comes to exclusives with many current exclusive games they could create sequels for in the PS5. If they do this, they would easily win the Xbox with exclusives too.

Chances are that most other developers will not make use of the extra power for graphic available in the Xbox. In this case, it means that there will be no difference in quality between graphics on Xbox and Sony. However, if they should make use of the extra power, it will only result in a slightly better graphic and not much difference.

Online subscription
The Xbox is easily the winners when it comes to Xbox live as they have better and more robust servers compared to PS plus. You would enjoy it more if you use the online subscription feature of Xbox compared to that of Sony.

Backwards compatibility
Even though Sony claims their PS5 will have backward compatibility for PS4 games, Xbox will still be the winner as their backward compatibility goes back to the initial Xbox. The equivalent will have been Sony having backwards compatibility up down to PS3, PS2, and PS1. Even the promised PS4 backward compatibility will be staggered and not all be available at the launch of PS5.

At the end of the day, price is often a major determinant of who is going to win when it comes to competition. Since the series box does not have a lot of improvements from version one x, chances are that the price will not increase substantially. However, with the many new features expected with the Sony PS5, it could be expected that the price will be significantly higher. Since there has been no release of the price for both products, we can only wait until they are made public. However, Sony is the current winner minus the price and the new features should be worth a significant increase in price if there is.