Mario 64 has been a popular platform for modders for years, as romhacks have added Odyssey’s cap possession mechanic, added a level editor, and even turned it into an entirely new game. But this is something else entirely. Someone has quietly released a new version of Mario 64 that runs natively on PC via DirectX, no emulator required. It runs at the native resolution of your monitor and even supports Xbox controllers with no fuss. It’s surreal to be playing a high resolution, high framerate Mario 64 on PC, but I’ve just done exactly that.

Unlike many PC mod and fan game projects, which are documented in development blogs or forum threads for years, this release has seemingly come out of nowhere. The file spread across Reddit, Youtube and social media and is easy to track down despite no obvious singular source. This PC port is possibly the result of Mario 64 being decompiled in 2019, giving programmers better access to the game’s inner workings.

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