The Sims has been a PC gaming juggernaut ever since it first released back in 2000. There have been other takes on life management sims, but nothing has been able to dethrone EA’s dominant life simulation series. However, there’s one game in the works that might have the potential to at least challenge The Sims: Paralives is an upcoming life simulation game created by Alex Massé and is shaping up to be The Sims’ first major rival. 

Paralives is an upcoming indie life simulation being funded solely through Patreon donations. It’s a management sim where players get to design houses, create characters, and manage their lives inside a simulated city. It’s obviously heavily inspired by The Sims games, but Massé describes Paralives as having more of a focus on building and designing the ‘dollhouse’ homes that the Parafolk live in. Its Steam page lists advanced building tools, an open-world neighbourhood, and fully customizable furniture and characters. 

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