February 22, 2024


Feel everything

Shock Troopers 2nd Squad, the classic top-down shooter, re-released for iOS and Android

Recently, Hamster and SNK’s ACA NeoGeo archive has been releasing hit after hit, from Samurai Shodown to Fatal Fury, onto mobile. With the most recent release onto the launcher, Shock Troopers Second Squad, they’re looking to appeal to the top-down shoot-em-up fans out there after all of the classic fighting game re-releases.

Debuting back in 1998, Shock Troopers sees four mercenaries trying to take down a massive corporation that’s ruining the world. The most notable feature that differentiates it from the typical top-down shoot-em-up gameplay is definitely the inclusion of vehicles that players can get into to do even more damage to the large number of enemies you’ll be facing.

Along with the vehicles, branching paths is another unique feature of Shock Troopers 2, allowing for every playthrough of the short-but-sweet full action game to get a little more different every time, making the chase for that high score a little less repetitive. This, all along with the modern quality-of-life features that the NeoGeo re-releases, have had such as pausing, save states, and audio settings, allows for what is almost certainly the best release of Shock Troopers 2 yet.


With this release, we’ve got yet another one of the classic arcade cabinet experiences perfectly encapsulated onto mobile, which really makes the NeoGeo releases that have been popping out lately quite a treat. Given how tough it can be to get your hands on the old games of yesteryear, it’s quite nice to have a simple way to access a ton of them, especially with those small touches that make them a bit nicer to play in a modern setting too.

If you’re a fan of the old-style shoot-em-ups or run-and-guns, you’ll surely love Shock Troopers 2. You can find it for only $3.99 on the App Store and Google Play, and if you’re curious about what other ACA NeoGeo re-releases are available for you, give the official catalogue a peek.

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