Death in Sea of Thieves is a temporary state: When you get stabbed, shot, eaten by a shark, or blown up by a teammate who decides to play a game of Swingsy Swordsie while other people are moving gunpowder barrels around, you take a quick trip to the Ferryman, ride on his ghostly ship for a bit, and then get sent back to your own boat, none the worse for wear. The upcoming Ships of Fortune update will enable a new approach to those unfortunate endings with the addition of an option that will give players the ability to revive their crewmates.

When the revive system is in place, fallen players will have 15 seconds to be revived by their not-dead teammates, or 25 seconds in the PvP arena. The revival process itself takes four seconds, during which time the reviving players will be defenseless—something to keep in mind before you try to be a hero in the middle of a big fight. Both crewmates and members of alliances can be brought back, and revived players rejoin the action with 25 percent of their health.

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