When I first heard about In Other Waters, I was immediately apprehensive. Subnautica was a beautiful but often incredibly stressful game, and making matters worse I’d just gotten around to playing Soma, Frictional’s game of horrific monsters and worse at the bottom of the ocean. In Other Waters isn’t like that, though: It’s a (mostly) tranquil tale of exploration told through a computer interface, maps, and a “warm synth soundtrack.”

In Other Waters is a “non-violent sci-fi story” about a xenobiologist named Ellery, who’s stranded in a mysterious alien ocean with nothing more than a malfunctioning diving suit and an AI helper. You don’t play as Ellery, though: You’re the AI, guiding and keeping her safe as she works to uncover the planet’s secrets and “dark history.” It doesn’t have the visual impact of a game like Subnautica, where monstrous sea-demons come out of nowhere to eat your face. Instead, it leans more on textual descriptions to build its world, as Rachel noted in her recent 80/100 review.

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