First announced at CES 2020, Samsung has now released its Odyssey G7 gaming monitor. This 240Hz panel is the first curved gaming monitor of its kind at 1000R, Samsung claims, which is very curved. It’s also G-Sync Compatible and supports FreeSync Premium Pro for optimal cross-hardware compatibility.

We first saw the Odyssey G7 back at CES 2020, within Samsung’s sprawling show hall, alongside the colossally huge ultrawide Odyssey G9. Both monitors come with that new moniker, Odyssey, which is Samsung’s sub-division gaming brand nowadays—so keep an eye out for that oddly nondescript logo.

Samsung Odyssey G7
Size (inches) 27/32
Panel Samsung QLED
Resolution 2560 x 1440
Aspect ratio 16:9
Refresh rate 240Hz
Response time 1ms (GTG)
G-Sync Compatible
FreeSync Premium Pro
Price (UK) £550 / £630

There are two models of Odyssey G7 available, 27- and 32-inch, and both share the same 2560 x 1440 resolution, 16:9 aspect ratio, and QLED curved panel. That means the panel is built with Sammy’s quantum dot tech, which helps deliver improved colour accuracy and peak brightness. As a result, the Odyssey G7 is rated to a grand total of 600 cd/m2. 

As we all know, Samsung’s one for curvy screens. The Odyssey G7 is no different at 1000R (the smaller the number, the curvier the screen). That’s just about perfect if you’re planning to sit a metre away from the screen.

Don’t worry, we hear ya. Just how many Odyssey G7s would it take to fully surround yourself 360 degrees? After a little back of napkin maths, we’ve come to a rough answer of nine—nine Odyssey G7’s are required to full surround yourself in monitors, bezel to bezel. Perfectly reasonable for a Flight Sim rig.

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Samsung Odyssey G7 gaming monitor promo shots

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Samsung Odyssey G7 gaming monitor promo shots

(Image credit: Samsung)

As is the gamers’ edict, the Odyssey G7 comes fit with some new fancy lighting features to enhance the look of your desktop. There’s now a colour-changing rear core lighting system, around the Vesa-compatible stand mount, and two matching spoilers off the front for a little more flair. It makes a change from the subtle styling of this monitor’s gaming predecessors, which were far more straight-cut. However, the gamers have spoken, and apparently this is what everyone wants.

Samsung says the Odyssey G7 will be available this month globally, and pre-orders over at Overclockers UK suggest it come in at a grand ol’ price of £550 for the 27-inch and £630 for the 32-inch. US pricing hasn’t been officially confirmed as of yet, but a pre-order listing on Amazon suggests the 32-inch model will be around the $800 mark.

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