Dragon’s Lair was a technological marvel when it was released in 1983. Instead of using conventional graphics of the day, which were not great, it featured real animation by ex-Disney animator Don Bluth, enabled by beefy LaserDisc storage. It wasn’t a particularly good game—it sucked, frankly—but those stunning visuals turned it into a five-star quarters-eater, and inspired home versions on a variety of platforms. The original is on Steam, and GOG picked up the Dragon’s Lair Trilogy in 2018.

In 2015, Bluth and Gary Goldman launched a $550,000 Kickstarter project to help fund the creation of Dragons’ Lair: The Movie. It tanked, so they cancelled and went to Indiegogo looking for $250,000—just slightly over what was pledged on Kickstarter—and this time, they were successful, achieving their goal in just a couple of weeks and ultimately pulling in more than $730,000.

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