Rune 2 got off to a very rough start last year, including a dispute over possession of the source code, but despite all of that it’s still alive and kicking, and actually now in the process of getting some major improvements. Publisher Ragnarok Game announced today that the first part of the game’s “Narrative Update,” from new developer Studio 369, is now live on the Rune 2 PTR.

The update is a complete rebuild of the game’s first chapter that replaces repeated gameplay loops with linear progress through “Ages of Ragnarok,” each with a different boss to fight, although for the moment they’re all still Loki. After each boss is defeated, the Age will advance, ultimately leading to a showdown with Loki, the big bad guy, in the final age. There are also multiple main quests and side quests, including some that will be found by speaking with villagers or exploring the world.

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