the sims 4 werewolves

Very long absent are the times exactly where the top of creativity in The Sims intended chucking your bad inhabitants into a swimming pool and then eliminating the ladder, sadistically viewing them flap about in a worry. No? Just me then.

Issues have come a very long way considering the fact that the commencing, with The Sims 4 promptly approaching 5 several years considering that its initial launch. The most recent expansion is obtainable now, and The Sims 4 Werewolves Video game Pack makes it possible for you to harness the electricity of the complete moon and enable out your interior beast by transforming into the legendary creatures.

This hottest pack allows you to discover Moonwood Mill, which properties secrets and delivers clues to clarify your Sims’ new werewolf identities. Poring about publications, discovering top secret tunnels and interacting with locals is all section of the self-discovery method. Of training course, it would not be a Sims match without having the potential to craft and customise every facet of this. 

Werewolf Sims offer new and enjoyable temperaments and qualities to get to grips with, as nicely as becoming afflicted by the diverse phases of the moon as you would expect. Wolf specific lifetime events will also condition your experience as a creature of the night time.

Simmers will also require to choose no matter whether to embrace their nocturnal nature, or fight it and cling on to humanity. Will you hunt in a pack, satisfy your important other at the summit of Howling Point or choose to operate as a lone wolf? The option, as at any time, is yours. 

Important capabilities involve:

  • Everyday living ON THE WILD Facet – What huge teeth you are going to have! Transform into a werewolf and embrace (or struggle) your animalistic nature. Outside of rocking a fearsome variety werewolf Sims will have exclusive temperaments and capabilities, be impacted by the stage of the moon, and working experience wolf-distinct everyday living occasions. 
  • ALPHA OR LONE WOLF? – Craft your werewolf id. Have been you bitten, or were being you born into a werewolf relatives? Nonetheless it occurred, now you have bought to decide what form of wolf you want to be. Obtain a pack to prowl the night time with, meet your fated mate atop Howling Stage, or shun all that and check out to make it as a lone wolf.
  • LYCANTHROPE LORE – There’s a lot to study about werewolves and their origins. Unravel werewolf, vampire, and spellcaster lore as you browse publications, uncover solution tunnels, increase your assortment, and interact with denizens of Moonwood Mill.

Verify out the growth in motion for oneself: 


The Sims 4 Werewolves involves The Sims 4 and all recreation updates to participate in, and is readily available now from the Xbox Retail store for Xbox Sequence X|S , Xbox One, Playstation 5, Playstation 4 and Computer priced at £17.99.

DLC Description:

Howl the evening absent in The Sims™ 4 Werewolves Video game Pack*! Your Sims will change, be a part of packs, and run wild below the gentle of the comprehensive moon. Explore the globe of Moonwood Mill and find the insider secrets of the werewolves as you navigate your new lycanthrope everyday living. Sims will unlock new competencies, handle new temperaments, and probably even meet their fated mates.


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