Between Legends of Runeterra, Teamfight Tactics and Valorant, Riot Games has been throwing its weight around a lot lately. Last year, it had one game under its belt, the infinitely popular League of Legends, and now it’s got five, most of them in different genres. And as of today, it can now add the blocky, Minecraft adjacent Hytale to the list. 

Hypixel Studios, formerly a group of Minecraft modders, has been gobbled up by Riot. Announced in late 2018 and supported by angel investors that included the LoL developer, Hytale is an ambitious co-op fantasy RPG, as well as a collection of minigames and a sandbox where you can just create your own world and go wild. Though there are plenty of similarities with Minecraft, it’s taking the sandbox’s powers of self-expression and cranking them up to 11. 

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