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Review | Deadly Dozen Reloaded (PC)


Deadly Dozen Reloaded is an old-school tactical World War II game that is polished in all the right ways. 8Bit/Digi

Raise Hell in Nazi Occupied Europe (Again)

Video games in the 2000’s was an era defined by a plethora of choices, a desire to innovate, and an audience’s desire to fight the Third Reich. Titles like Medal of Honor and Call of Duty attempted to take players to the defining moments of the Greatest Generation. Then there were titles like Deadly Dozen that attempted to present a different experience. 

It was one of those games that were truly a product of its time. Deadly Dozen was released at a time when World War II shooters were popular and tactical games really tested players. The game attempted to find a balance between the two by allowing gamers to command a squad with limited resources. 

Deadly Dozen Reloaded polishes the original game with better visuals and modern controls. In doing so, they have given old school gamers a reason to go back to the battlefields of Europe (just like in the 2000’s). 

Going Into Battle

Like the original, Deadly Dozen Reloaded has players take command of a special forces unit during World War II. Set up a four-man squad (based on the character’s specialty), assign them the needed equipment, and deploy them into battle. Each mission has players using whatever tactics they like to achieve their objectives. 

During the mission, players have many ways to achieve the objective. One could use stealth and avoid combat if needed. Or, players could command their squad into battle and take out every Nazi SOB they encounter. Players could operate either in third or first-person mode (both are of equal quality). The maps are of a modest size while allowing players many paths to take.

Thankfully one could pick the men and the tools that best fitted for the job. One could equip the entire squad with the classic Thompson and M1 Grand or give one soldier the bazooka (in case of tanks). Don’t worry about ammo, as you can also pick up enemy weapons. Commanding the squad is very simple as you can have them attack, avoid combat or hold their position.

Mission Has Been Compromised

Deadly Dozen Reloaded is a remake of the 2001 game. However, it feels more like a visual upgrade while so many of the dated level design and gameplay elements were kept. There are several moments and levels that have unnecessary obstructions. It’s supposed to make it feel challenging but instead, it offers nothing of value to the experience of the world. 

There are some dated gameplay elements present and none stand out more than the clunky vehicle operation. Back in those days, adding vehicles to a game was always a symbol of a high-quality game. Today; in a post-GTA III world, it feels very gimmicky. In Reloaded, it’s not polished properly and honestly has no real purpose. 

Deadly Dozen Reloaded is an old-school tactical World War II game that is polished in all the right ways. 8Bit/Digi

Fighting the Good Fight

The original Deadly Dozen wasn’t some mega-hit franchise that has been forgotten. It was a cult classic that got sidelined by all the other World War II and iconic games that came out in 2001. Overall, Reloaded is a game that those who remember the original along with fans of retro and military games will enjoy. 

Deadly Dozen Reloaded is an old-school tactical World War II game that is polished in all the right ways. Visually and performance-wise, it’s a solid remake while having its fair share of issues. If you remember the 2000’s as a golden age or you’re a fan of games from this era, the Reloaded is the perfect version of Deadly Dozen.

Disclaimer: UberStrategist provided the game used in this review. 

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Deadly Dozen Reloaded (PC)

Deadly Dozen Reloaded (PC)


  • It’s the same World War II game but better polished
  • Improved visual details and world
  • Polished control and command setup


  • Most of the dated level design are present
  • Clunky vehicle operation

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