How to scare your teammates from r/Rainbow6

Rainbow Six Siege is as much a horror game as an FPS, in my eyes. In my 50-or-so hours with the game over the past few years, I could never play it too close to bedtime. Rounds just get so tense even on Casual—I haven’t yet dared try my luck in Ranked—that I need to read a book, drink something warm/alcoholic, or just stare at a blank wall for a while afterwards to calm down.

Some players, evidently, are aware of the scaredy-cats like me out there and get a kick out of giving us sensitive souls even more debilitating heebie-jeebies. Snowball-XD is one of those people, as you can see from his Reddit post above. In it we can see them using his drone to zoom in on a real-life picture of what is presumably one of the developer’s children smiling in a park. 

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