Since Phantasy Star Online 2 launched on PC in the West last month, I’ve played more than 50 hours of it—and even I can’t tell you what the hell is going on in the trailer for its upcoming August update. Unveiled today during IGN’s Summer of Gaming event, this new trailer teases Episode 4 of PSO2’s story, but the trailer itself mostly shows a squad of mechs fighting a giant battleship. I’m not even talking about, like, a cool space battleship, but what basically looks like the USS Arizona.

That’s predictably baffling for PSO2, which has been out in Japan for over eight years but just recently received an English localization. Those who have played the Japanese version likely understand what’s happening here, but the NA version is several updates behind, and its story is pretty nonsensical anyway so I’m not sure if the reason why these space explorers are fighting a battleship off the coast of Japan makes sense.

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