Humphrey Hanley’s motto is ‘no hands, no excuses’, which perhaps goes some way to explaining his commitment to an 11-hour Twitch stream during which he goes about building a gaming PC from scratch. Hanley is a content creator, motivational speaker, and accessibility specialist with epidermolysis bullosa, and his recent gaming PC project with Intel is a window into PC building’s accessibility issues.

Humphrey Hanley AKA NoHandsNZ

(Image credit: Future)

Hanley is a content creator who also offers his expertise as an accessibility specialist. If you want to start a conversation today, you can find Hanley over at Twitter (@nohandsnoexcuse) and Twitch (NoHandzNZ).

The goal: build a gaming PC from scratch. It’s a task most of us likely have a great deal of experience with already. However, Hanley’s build also served another purpose, and that was to help highlight the barriers within the PC building process and what could be improved for someone with a disability—not just for those watching but for Intel’s engineers too.

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