June 15, 2024


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Parody Action-RPG ‘Yet Another Fantasy Title’ Announced

Developer Atomic Wolf and publisher Online games Operators (the publisher of Rustler [aka Grand Theft Horse], the medieval top-down parody of GTA 1 & 2), are creating another deliver-up of a familiar genre. Nevertheless Another Fantasy Title is, as the title indicates, a fantasy-themed match. It truly is a top-down-see open up-earth action-RPG. Look at the announcement trailer over and test out the initial screenshots in the gallery down below.

You engage in an outlaw who’d “usually be prey for the protagonist in some sidequest,” as the Atomic Wolf group describes it. Instead, you’ve got killed the kingdom’s savior and stolen his unicorn. An adventure ensues. However A further Fantasy Title promises parodied versions of all of the usual open up-globe action-RPG fantasy genre tropes, this sort of as plenty of sidequests, a in depth tale, magic, 15 diverse medieval weapons like swords and bows, and mounts in the types of unicorns, horses, donkeys, and wolves.

But A different Fantasy Title – Screenshots

And certainly, naturally, there is certainly a dragon to be slain as well. However Another Fantasy Title is in improvement for Pc. Wishlist it on Steam.

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