June 22, 2024


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Parents: Use Smart Phone As Learning Tool

When I registered my daughter for Abacus class to improve her mathematics skill, I used my smart phone application which was available for free as practicing tool. Every week my daughter spends 10 hours traveling in the car and I plan to use this time to her benefit but in fun way.

Smart phones and PDA provide us with huge opportunities in learning or improving our skills and it is appealing especially to children because it is different method of learning than traditional way.

Smart phones provide us with many useful applications at affordable price. When I was looking for Abacus application for my mobile phone I found three different applications designed by different programmers and I was able to try them for free and then buy the one I best like.

Providing our children with different ways and tools for learning is important, according to Human Dynamics theory we all learn in different way and it is important to find out how best we learn by exploring different methods and tools available to us.

Learning through games and fun is what smart phone and PDA is providing, but you should not depend on them totally, they are small, easy to carry and with us where ever we go.

Before downloading any application for your smart phone make sure it is supported by manufacturer of your phone and always check users feedback to make sure it is save and the application has not caused trouble for other users.

When I was asked to give a speech during product lunch, I was stressed and afraid of making mistakes while standing in front of the crowd. A friend suggested I write my speech and record myself on my mobile phone and listen to it while driving three days at least before giving the actual speech, this helped and when I stood in front of the crowd I was ready and it went well.

Here are few tips that might help from my own experience.

1- Teach your kid to use smart phone as learning tool and not only for listening to music.

2- It is best to use smart phones to learn math, language and music.

3- Let the learning be through games and make it fun.

4- Do not allow your kid to use your smart phone at home.

5- Make sure your kids understand their lesson and use mobile phone for practice only. This is important for mathematics, if you kid understand how to solve the problem then practicing on hand phone is to improve his/her skill and expose them to different type of problems.

6- Use smart phone or PDA to improve problem solving speed which is important for exams and smart phones or PDA is good platform for that.

7- One your kid get use to the game and master it move to higher level and delete that game, this will improve your kid challenging skills.

8- Use your gadget for brain teasing games for you and your kid.