Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan warned in March that the game’s new hero Echo could spend a “prolonged” amount of time on the PTR because her ultimate ability is so powerful. Called “Duplicate,” it enables her to copy and use the abilities of any character on the opposing team, with an “extremely accelerated” ultimate generation time—enough to enable her to get off multiple ultimates while duplicating some characters.

Her other abilities pack a punch too: She can fly freely and glide while falling, fires delayed-fuse sticky bombs, and has a “focusing beam” that’s devastating against enemies with less than half health. It’s a lot, and you can see why Blizzard would want to approach Echo’s full release with caution. But the big moment is almost upon us: Blizzard said today that Echo will come off the PTR and into the live game on April 14.

Echo’s journey to Overwatch has been interesting. She came to prominence in the big Overwatch 2 cinematic that was unveiled at BlizzCon 2019, but was actually first seen a year prior to that, when Ashe was introduced to the game. And the character she’s based on, and who created her, has been part of Overwatch lore since 2016—but in name only. On top of all that, Echo is expected to be the last hero introduced to the original Overwatch.

If you’d like to get a look at Echo before she officially joins the team, the character remains playable on the Overwatch PTR. PTR patch notes are available on the Overwatch forums.

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