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Genji Guide

Overwatch 2 Genji Guide

The learn Shimada Empire, Sojiro Shimada, experienced two sons in Overwatch 2. The 1st baby Hanzo was dutiful, and as the eldest son, he would shortly be the heir to his father’s empire. On the other hand, his younger brother Genji, the second baby of Sojiro, grew up to turn out to be irresponsible and lived a lifetime of self-indulgence. The life-style Genji chose for himself was frowned on by his clan, secured by his father, who did not brain his behavior, but this only infuriated them a lot more. This short article will be a definitive Overwatch 2 Genji tutorial to support players determine out how to play him and train audience a minimal of his lore.

Overwatch 2 Genji Backstory

By the time of Sojiro Shamada’s passing, Hanzo took his location as the rightful heir of the new grasp of the Shimada empire. Hanzo’s initially motion as the new head of the clan is to persuade Genji to get a lot more responsibility, but Genji refuses. Hanzo was pressured to acquire measures to assure Genji was not a legal responsibility, foremost to their battling. After the fight subsided, Genji was left on the verge of demise.

After his around-demise practical experience, Genji is rescued by Overwatch agents and is taken to be healed. Below the care of Dr. Angela Ziegler (Mercy) and with the enable of other Overwatch physicians and researchers, they created slicing-edge technological innovation prosthetics for Genji. These prosthetics improved his purely natural pace as nicely as his agility and reflexes. It became Genji’s mission to dismantle the Shimada Empire. 

A long time later on, when the Overwatch was recalled, Genji returned to Japan on the working day of his “death” to satisfy Hanzo, who was unaware of his survival. Hanzo turned a mercenary and still left the Shimada Empire after he assumed he experienced killed Genji. Genji reveals immediately after their struggle that he is his intended “dead” brother, forgiving him and telling him to select a facet, as a fantastic battle will quickly make Hanzo decide on a aspect.

Someday following Genji confronted his brother, an attack on Paris named on Tracer, Mei, and Winston. The gorilla scientist Winston was shut to sacrificing himself to aid Tracer and Mei escape, but to his rescue, Genji swoops in with his sword to defect a big beam cannon. With the assistance of other Overwatch users who arrived to help them in their fight, Winston introduced that Overwatch experienced returned with Genji in their ranks.

Overwatch 2 Genji Tutorial: How to Participate in


A burst of 3 shurikens, thrown in a straight line or a fan with a price of fire of .88 seconds with utmost ammo of 30 shurikens in advance of reloading for 1.5 seconds. Every shuriken specials 28 injury at the speed of 60 meters for every second.

  • Suggestion: Use both of those fire modes
    • Genji can toss shurikens straight forward or in a admirer acquiring two modes makes it possible for gamers to possibly focus their throws or goal at multiple enemies by throwing all a few shurikens.


With fast lightning strikes of his wakizashi, Genji can deflect projectiles with an place outcome of a 1-meter radius. He can only Deflect any projectiles heading in entrance of him. This skill has a cooldown of 8 seconds.

  • Idea 1: Timing
    • Time your deflections to shield you from assaults, as this duration only lasts 2 seconds.
  • Tip 2: No hesitation
    • With the quick cooldown of 8 seconds, check out applying Deflect as much as feasible.

Swift Strike

Dash ahead and strike a deadly slash with Genji’s wakizashi and offer damage to any enemies in your path. With a harm selection of 50, a second velocity of 50, and a optimum assortment of 15 in .3 seconds, this capability has a cooldown of only 8 seconds.

  • Suggestion: Precision is important
    • Be certain to goal straight at an enemy, as killing a foe will permit you to use the ability right away.


Cyber-Agility is Genji’s Passive his improved physique can climb partitions and execute jumps in mid-air this presents superb player mobility in maneuvering from rooftop to rooftop on the many maps in Overwatch 2.


Genji’s Best Capacity, also acknowledged as Dragonblade in Overwatch 2, is top, permitting him to brandish his katana for a short time. Every strike on targets within just his attain will provide killing blows for 6 seconds. Dragonblade is a person of the most potent ultimates as it discounts 120 to enemy wellness details with a +30% movement pace buff.

  • Tip: Be Brief, Be What They Worry
    • This ultimate can be insanely overpowered, working a lot of problems to DPS and Assist characters. It might not be effective sufficient to consider out tanks, but for guaranteed will be the stop of other enemies.

Genji Overwatch 2 Playstyle

Genji has the ideal mobility for DPS characters. Enjoying as Genji, he can double bounce to ledges and climb them. Unlike Tracer getting a bob-and-weave style of play, enemies will have to chase you to get a excellent shot at you.

Utilizing Swift Strike to deal bursts of hurt whilst defending you with Genji’s potential to deflect presents the participant defensive and offensive capabilities. Anything that is not also potent for Genji will be deflected and can even deal the harm that was meant to strike you and will be returned to them. Genji is a hyper-intense character, and considerably mastery is included in getting the risky ninja–the style of character he is. With this guideline, hopefully, you can be the fatal cyber ninja that Genji is. Be swift and make absolutely sure your strikes are correct, for your opponents are only pawns, and be what they dread.