It’s been a couple of years since Origin PC updated its EVO15-S gaming laptop. That changes today with the introduction of a refreshed model, and with it comes a key choice—do you prefer an OLED screen with a 4K resolution, or a faster 1080p panel with a 240Hz refresh rate or 144Hz refresh rate?

All three are options on the EVO15-S, and quite frankly, the smart money is on one of the latter two (my opinion). The problem with 4K gaming on a 15.6-inch display is twofold: it takes some meaty hardware to yank playable framerates at that resolution, and outside of gaming, cramming so many pixels into such a small space can be bothersome. As in, having to squint. Windows will happily enlarge your icons if you want, but not all programs scale real well if they were not designed for 4K.

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