System builders are in the midst of upgrading their product lines with new CPUs from Intel and AMD. On the mobile side, Origin PC recently announced the return of its 15.6-inch EVO15-S with an Intel Comet Lake-H CPU inside, along with several display options, including a 1080p screen at 240Hz. The same CPU and display combo is now available on the boutique builder’s 17.3-inch EVO17-S as well, but it’s an expensive pairing. More on pricing in a moment.

At it’s core, the EVO17-S is mostly a larger version of the EVO15-S, but they’re not exactly the same. One of the key differences is the lack of a 4K OLED screen option on the larger model. A bit of a shame, though by sticking with an LCD screen across the spectrum of refresh rate and resolution options buyers avoid any risk of burn-in.

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