June 17, 2024


Feel everything

One of BoardGameGeek’s top games now has a Steam version

Following the likes of Wingspan (opens in new tab) and Gloomhaven (opens in new tab), a beloved board game has a new digital port in Everdell, which arrived on Steam last week. The low-key strategic game about woodland critters building towns was a huge hit with board gamers in the past few years, climbing into the top 30 games on BoardGameGeek. and winning widespread acclaim. Everdell’s been praised for both accessibility and depth: it’s easy to understand, but clever strategies still rule.

In Everdell you do one thing each turn: Put your worker on the board to get stuff, play cards from your hand, or get all your workers back. From that simple strategy emerges a game about building up your city tableau, essentially a slew of card options, making combinations of actions and card powers into an engine for victory. You’ve only got four seasons to play, so it’s one of those games where your actions are a known quantity from the start. What matters is what you do with them.