The new Nvidia Ampere graphics cards might need a whole new PSU, pushing PC gamers towards AMD’s Big Navi cards instead… if reports of a new 12-pin PCIe power connector are to be 100 percent believed.  As always the GPU rumor field is intensifying as we circle ever closer around the eventual GeForce launch day, and this latest suggests Nvidia’s next-gen Founders Edition cards will sport a new power connector to deliver around 400W of power to the top-end Ampere GPUs.

Though this 12-pin connector could, in theory at least, be able to deliver anything up to 600W. If it were running in optimal conditions with higher-spec pins, apparently. Given that other performance rumors have posited expected Nvidia Ampere TDPs to be around the 350W mark it does kinda make sense for some new super-powered connector to be utilized.

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