Games Workshop has announced a new edition of beloved tabletop wargame Warhammer 40,000, aka the thing that inspired excellent videogames like Dawn of War, Space Marine, Mechanicus, and Final Liberation (never forget). This ninth edition will be an evolution of the previous rules rather than a complete rewrite, and the current codex books for each faction will remain compatible until new versions come out. Which means players won’t have to stop using any of their old models just yet.

Among the changes coming are welcome tweaks to the way vehicles work, allowing tanks to shoot in close combat so they can’t be effectively swamped by trash mobs. A “crusade” system of narrative rules will allow for gaining experience points and battle honors, and there are revamps to the rules for flying, terrain, explosive weapons, strategic reserves, and command points as well as some kind of balances to make the rules better suit both large and small battles.

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