February 22, 2024


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Ninja Heist Is a Classic Arcade-Platformer with Perks, Skins, and Drones


When you think about it, ninjas are the ideal candidates for heist work. They’re stealthy, highly agile, and more or less at a loose end following the fall of the Japanese feudal system. 

Hence, Ninja Heist, a brand new ninja-based platformer from two-person studio RatonTour. 

Your goal in Ninja Heist is to steal coins and deposit them in your own stash. These coins are arrayed across a series of platforms, and you need to jump around the screen to reach them.

Sounds simple enough, right? Well it’s not, because there’s a drone chasing you around the whole time. This drone homes in on you with merciless precision. Stop for a second, or take one wrong turn, and you’re done for. 

Ninja Heist is an ultra-challenging single-screen platformer that will remind the old-timers among you of arcade classics like Rainbow Islands and Bubble Bobble. 

The difference is, it comes with modern features like multiple modes and an in-game shop where you can buy perks and cosmetic changes. 

You can spend the loot you earn during gameplay on a speed boost or an upgrade to the amount you can carry. This makes it easier in turn to evade the drone and bank as many coins as possible on your next attempt. 

Once you’ve maxed out your ninja’s abilities, you can add flair with a variety of different costumes. 

At present there are two distinct modes in Ninja Heist: The City and Outer Space. They both see you stealing coins and dodging a drone, but the gameplay varies with the setting. In space, gravity is much weaker, forcing you to change up your tactics. 

In time there will be several more modes, including Volcano, Oriental, and Dungeon. How these settings will mix up the gameplay is anyone’s guess, but RatonTour promises new skins, perks, and gameplay features. 

You can experience the current modes for free right now on the Google Play Store. The others, along with an iOS version, will be along in a jiffy.


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