It will still be several months before next-generation game consoles arrive, but already much has been made about the shift to NVMe SSD storage, and the potential implication that could have for PC gaming. The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X are essentially PCs in console digs, after all. It will take some time to realize the full impact of this shift, but in the meantime, one interesting bit of information has emerged—Epic Games revealed it rewrote key parts of Unreal Engine 5 “with the PlayStation 5 in mind.”

As Tyler wrote about a few weeks ago, fast SSD storage is the key to super detailed scenes showcased in a recent UE5 demo. He talked to Epic CEO Tim Sweeney, who said “on a high-end PC with an SSD,” and especially one outfitted with an NVMe interface (which shuttles data through the PCIe bus), we can expect “awesome performance” from games based on UE5. Naturally, a fast CPU and GPU will also be needed, or even the speediest SSD won’t be of much help. It would be like putting tires built for racing on a Ford Pinto.

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