Tetris Effect is already the best version of Tetris, somehow making the experience of combining blocks powerfully emotional with its art and its music and thousands of dancing particles. Later this year, with the launch of Microsoft’s new console, it’s going to get even better with Tetris Effect: Connected, an updated version that adds online support for 1-3 players. The unfortunate catch here is that this version of Tetris Effect is exclusive to “Microsoft platforms,” meaning the Xbox consoles and, in our case, the Microsoft Store.

It’s an awkward deal considering Microsoft, itself, is now releasing many of its big games like Flight Simulator and Halo’s Master Chief Collection on Steam. I want to play more Tetris Effect, but I don’t particularly want to deal with the Microsoft Store to do it. This is actually the third “exclusive” version of Tetris Effect, after its release on the PS4 in 2018 and the Epic Store in 2019.

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