Raspberry Pi has launched a $75 version of its Raspberry Pi 4 mini PC with 8GB of RAM, the first time the company has sold a model with more than 4GB onboard. It’s a big advancement for the tiny computer board, opening the door to more advanced  gaming, emulation, and other software projects. It’s also launching alongside a beta version of a new 64-bit version of the Raspberry Pi OS, another first for Raspberry Pi, which has been limited to 32-bit since 2011. It’s a critical change, as 32-bit operating systems can’t dedicate all 8GB of RAM to a single process.

This hasn’t been a problem for the Raspberry Pi until now, and the 32-bit OS wasn’t necessarily a dealbreaker. As the company points out, there are alternate operating systems you can install on the Raspberry Pi like Ubuntu which have their own 64-bit versions, and only power users will need to dedicate all that RAM to a single process. But it’s still a big step forward for the Raspberry Pi and its ability to handle heavier applications. Its graphics capabilities are continuing to grow, too, with the development of a Raspberry Pi Vulkan driver.

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